Know Your Passenger

For an airport, the knowledge of each traveler requires understanding his/her interaction and buying behaviors in order to create a holistic view of the traveler.
One should also qualify the buying potential of complementary services and products (commitment, renewal, up-selling, cross-selling, add-on…) before, during and after coming to an airport.

The sources of information: online shopping on website, navigation data, travel habits, destinations, connections to WIFI inside terminals, parking access, duty free shopping, drinks in bars, lounges, restaurants, frequency, recency, amount, reactivity to promotions, use of services, reservations, …

Engage in the virtuous cycle of enriching the intimate knowledge of each passenger

The « Know your Passenger » package is based upon the traveler’s intimate knowledge and his/her identification over multiple points of contact. it is now possible to collect, aggregate, plus explore increasingly relevant data resulting from the interactions that each traveler may have with the services offered at an airport.
This detailed information on each traveler allows the marketing department to identify and qualify each profi le of each individual, with messages and offers addressed according to different behaviors and expectations. Then a move to hyper-personalization, to be pro-active by building the demand. By adopting this « Know your Passenger » approach, an airport’s eco-system generates additional revenues and also consolidates the loyalty factor over time.

With the package « Know your Passenger » you will hyper-customize your relationship with each traveler

« Know your Passenger » consists of a Customer Data Platform XO CDP with a blue-print data model for the airport world, an XO MATIC marketing automation tool with scenarios aiming to effectively engage every traveler, as well as XO FEEDBACK, a mobile web application designed for the various actors of the eco-system of airport.
XO FEEDBACK is dedicated to the management of individualized purchases / consumption for each promotional operation / customer relationship.
All these tools within the « Pack » allow the relevant departments of the airport, as well as its eco-system, to maximize revenue per traveler, being ready at the right time thanks to the « intimate » knowledge of this traveler.

Data from multiple sources are aggregated to a unique Identifier

The XO CDP Customer Data Platform is an open-design system with inbound / outbound connectors that enables by default a much shorter implementation time.
The XO CDP allows to dynamically aggregate the identification, transactional and behavioral data transversely from multiple sources centered around a single identifier.
The data is identified and deduplicated, archived, updated, qualified.
And the XO CDP integrates a data mining tool that allows you to select and save segments of size XXS to XXL and then operate in multichannel levers / hyper-personalized messages.

View on the data available within the CDP.
Identification information (contacts, number of emails fi lled, number of mobile information).
And behavioral information:
• distribution of destinations of 3341 contacts.
• % of 3341 contacts converted to the privilege card.

Data mining tool.
Intuitive selection of criteria, search for potential, segmentation from XXS to XXL.

With the Know Your Passenger Pack, you get the right data for your marketing intelligence!

With the « Know your Passenger » Pack, you will be able to explore data, identify profiles and potential populations, and then connect with each one, anticipate needs and expectations. You change from a passive mode to a pro-active mode.
You have all foundations to leverage your marketing skills and win!

Some illustration?

• You have identified among the passenger profiles a population of Business Passengers. Now you have to qualify this profile: who is this Business Passenger, what are their habits, his /her preferences, what are his /her expectations, how to interest him/her?
You will explore the data available on XO CDP:
Gender: Male and female from 30 to 65 years, more than 5 trips peryear (also try out from 3) similar destinations, owns a parking card subscription, connection to the wi-fi terminal, length of stay between 2 and 5 days.
You have identified a segment of the population that potentially describes a Business Passenger.
Then according to the objectives that you will set (additional sale, loyalty, cross selling, up selling) you just have to communicate this population different offerings and messages via the marketing automation scenarios available on XO MATIC, to validate their areas of interests. And then you can focus on the key messages and offerings matching those interests.
And you will quickly identify your conversion rate thanks to the feedback provided by XO FEEDBACK.
• Another case:
You take a more sociological approach in your data mining. Take a common name (or not), for
example Bernard, who’s in France a fairly common name.
You will discover that 3341 Bernard are present among the 500 000 qualified data of your XO CDP.
You can then get the corresponding data, avorite destinations, frequencies, transport habits to come to the airport, …
Here again, depending upon the objectives you are going to set, you start engaging with each Bernard according to a scenario that you will have integrated into the Automation XO MATIC marketing tool.

Dedicated features «ready to be configured»

Thanks to continuous developments started more than 2 years ago, the « Know your Passenger » package delivers features ready to be go & match the specificities of your airport environment.
For you it is a gain in terms of rapidity of implementation and therefore costs. It is also a gain in terms of efficiency and reliability.

The data model/blueprint

The individual is the central point of the data. From this unique identifier, about fifteen data sources are planned to be aggregated by means of specific tables: parking reservation, travel reservation, web site user navigation…


Pre-programmed automation marketing scenarios to engage each traveler effectively

Several scenarios are already available on the XO MATIC automation marketing tool integrated in the « Know your Passenger » package.
Among those:
• a promotional offers scenario
• an embedded scenario for «Business Passenger» customers with personalized offers for access to parking and services available at the airport.

XO FEEDBACK to measure the effectiveness of promotional offers on products or services

Based on custom QR Code editing automatically and on hyper-personalized message delivery from the XO MATIC automation marketing tool, XO FEEDBACK is a mobile web application accessible from a smartphone or a tablet.
XO FEEDBACK scans the personalized QR Code with the promotion or the associated offer.
The information collected is sent back to the XO CDP and brought closer to the unique identifi er used to edit the QR Code.
Independent of the information systems / cash register software, XO FEEDBACK allows each point of sales and participating services to obtain local virtual coupons and measure the effectiveness of different promotions.
The airport marketing department can therefore analyze all the data generated by the different campaigns and then make increasingly specific targeting and increasingly relevant offers.
The virtual cycle of customer knowledge is engaged.

XO TRAVEL your traveling companion

Before being a source of pleasure, emotion or business, a trip is often a source of stress for a passenger. Available in the « Know your Passenger » package, the XO TRAVEL app allows you to optimize the user experience.
XO TRAVEL is a mobile web application that will give each traveler useful information before their flight: flight status, check-in, boarding, door…
From -72h to -4h the information is transmitted by SMS notifications or emailing on the mobile of the traveler.
A back-offi ce user-interface allows preparing the messages.

The package «Know Your Passenger»:
Easy to work with!

The « Know your Passenger » package is designed to be easier and faster to integrate with business applications and « ready to go » features.
From the launch phase to the start-up phase, the Link to Business Technology expert team accompanies the « Know your Passenger » Pack integration team by making a real transfer of skills following a short iterative process 4 to 5 weeks.*

The « Know your Passenger » solution by Link to Business Technology has been validated by SITA as a value package.
* This time evaluation doesn’t include the implementation of XO TRAVEL which may vary from one airport to another.